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ERIE Home Insurance

This day and age you have to protect your tangible assets, whether that be your house, apartment, or rental. If you’re looking for a top insurance company to hold a home insurance policy with, look no further than ERIE Insurance.

A home insurance policy is so vital, as this policy covers you in a home or an apartment, whether you are an owner or a renter. ERIE Insurance offers a number of coverages such as ErieSecure and HomeProtector plans to ensure that you and your assets are protected.

But ERIE will do much more than just provide your belongings with coverage. They’ll also take steps to make sure that you understand your coverage.

Want to see how much Earley-Polli Agency can save you on home insurance?

Just request an ERIE home insurance quote to find out.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome people...Awesome service... Awesome prices...

Julio E Acero

...saved 720.00 dollars a year

Edwin Plasencia
Edwin P

Great people and great service!! I've Been here for 10 years.

Rob Samler
Rob S

...they definitely are the best.

Larissa Viechec
Larissa V

The process was very painless and enjoyable.

Silas Colon
Silas C